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How Much do Havanese puppies cost?

And "Why is there such a price difference between breeders of Havanese? The explanation has two parts. The first part has to do with the breeding program, quality of breeding adults, training, socialization and genetics. With that in mind someone that advertises their puppies for a very low price generally doesn't have a breeding plan, isn't concerned with genetics or the health of the puppy.

The rest of the explanation is below:

$400 up to $1200

  1. Are generally being raised in puppy mills or by backyard breeders or come from puppy brokers. 

  2. Many of these puppies have lost their good qualities due to poor breeding. 

  3. Many are "line-bred" or "in-bred" which can lead to Health and Genetic problems. 

  4. Puppies that are born and raised in this environment are not held, loved or socialized.

  5. The American Kennel Club inspects breeders and shuts down kennels like these all the time.

ASSESSMENT:  Poor quality breeding and environment, health problems, not socialized. Generally these puppies can have poor health and behavior problems.


  1. Are generally from reputable havanese breeders.

  2. Most perform Health and Genetic testing on their adult dogs before they ever consider breeding them. 

  3. Their puppies are dogs are raised in their homes where they receive lots of TLC.

  4. These Havanese breeders take dog breeding seriously and want to perfect the breed.

  5. All their puppies are all pure bred Havanese and come with American Kennel Club (AKC) registration papers. 

  6. Their puppies come with a written Health and Genetic guarantee which protects you and your puppy.  

  7. Many of these dogs have show potential, but are being sold for a pet price. This is a great value for your buck. 

ASSESSMENT: Good price for an excellent quality puppy. Will most likely have excellent health and good temperament. 

$1,800 - and up

  1. These breeders are reputable havanese breeders and also show their dogs.

  2. The only difference is that their breeding dogs are being shown in competitions around the country. Puppies are not trained or shown.

  3. These breeders tend to price their puppies higher for the same quality puppy as the other reputable breeders.

ASSESSMENT:  Higher price for an excellent quality puppy. Will most likely have excellent health and good temperament.


The best quality puppy for your dollar is purchasing one from a reputable breeder with a price between $1,200-$1,800. 
If this is out of your price range then we suggest that you look for a different breed that has good qualities, but that aren't as much.


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