Breeding High Quality Havanese Takes Special Handling and Experience

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to rub shoulders with wonderful people such as dog show judges, veteriniarians, havanese dog breeders and other highly educated individuals who lobby for animal rights throughout the country.

What I have learned from my experiences is that there are many awesome Havanese breeders throughout the United States. I have also learned that there are many Havanese breeders in California who aren't worth shaking a stick at. So, it is our advice, and the advice of many other breeders throughout this great country, to be careful when purchasing a Havanes puppy.

Ask these 10 questions to help assure that you will successfully find a quality Havanese puppy and Havanese breeder.

10 Questions That You Should Ask When Searching for a Havanese Breeder:


  1. Are your puppies pure bred Havanese puppies and registerable with the American Kennel Club? YES. You may be surprised to find out that there are other Kennel Clubs that allow registration for mixed breeds and Heinz 57s. Only purchase a Havanese puppy with AKC registration papers.
  2. Do you have a written health and genetic guarantee for your Havanese puppies? YES. Even though a pure bred Havanese puppy has fewer health problems then most, they do occasionally occur.
  3. How big will your puppies get when full grown? 8-12 pounds, this is the AKC standard.
  4. Can I come and see your Havanese puppies? YES, puppy mills or brokers won't allow you to come to their homes. They will also want to meet you on the side of the road somewhere. Don't do it.
  5. Do you health test your Havanese dogs? YES, testing is very important and reflects the puppy's health.
  6. Do they have any health problems? NO, purchase a health puppy. Don't start out with a sick puppy.
  7. Do you breed more than one kind of dog? NO! Many puppy mills or puppy brokers will sell more than one type of dog.
  8. How much do they cost? $1200-$1600. See puppy cost for more details.
  9. Where are you located? The closer the better, however, shipping on passenger planes is fine, don't purchase from anyone who advertises that they will hand deliver anywhere. They might very well be a broker or puppy mill.
  10. How soon can I get my puppy? At 10 weeks of age. Your puppy will need to be with their mother and siblings to gain social skills and develop to the perfect point for a smooth transition into your home.



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